DAM 1941 and 1921


DAM 1941 and 1921

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Status: 1921 is in stock. 1941 should be in stock in early June

The DAM 1941 and 1921 are new high end oem boards.

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From Soekris:

The Soekris Engineering discrete R-2R sign magnitude DAC technology is now available as a highly integrated OEM module designed to help OEMs creating high end Audio DACs with the great R-2R sound.

Input is USB, I2S, SPDIF BNC, RCA, XLR and Toslink. Output is directly from the Resistor Networks, the dam1941 have four full Sign Magnitude R-2R networks for fully balanced operation, the dam1921 have just two Sign Magnitude R-2R networks mounted but is otherwise the same as the dam1941. It have the options to operate from a Basic DAC to a full DAC / HeadAmp with and advanced user interface with Volume Control, just like our high end dac1541, and without requiring any programming, the onboard microprocesser do all the work. The OEM just need to add a Power Supply and Output Buffer, and if needed, an optional small PCB with the user interface. The dam1941 also include a license for the full Thesycon USB driver set.