Philips SHP9500 3D Printed Cups


Philips SHP9500 3D Printed Cups

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Our SHP9500 Cups are designed to be used along with our 3D printed pad adapters to create a more exciting version of the SHP9500s.  When large leather ear pads are mounted bass is significantly increased.  These cups in turn boost the mid-range frequencies while also modestly reducing the treble and providing some isolation. Cost is for one pair.

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Note: Oval pads include most HM5 pads, Alpha pads, ZMF oval pads, most Shure pads etc.

Round pads include the new round Brainwavz pads, ZMF omni pads, etc.


Some notes on installation:

1. Please be careful when removing stock pads.  The stock mounting clip should come off with the pads intact so that you can switch back to them if / when you would like to. 

2. The ring adapters are designed to help hold large premium pads on [such as alpha pads or zmf pads].  While they can also be used with HM5 pads, the former are recommended. 

3. To attach the cups to the back of the headphones rubber cement is recommended.  Carefully paint the rim of the cup and base of the headphone back (where the cups will mount) with rubber cement.  Watch the rim of the cups, as they may absorb some of the rubber cement and require two "coats" of rubber cement.  Then clamp the cups to the headphone.  Sometimes it is helpful to hang them over the side of a table to make them easier to clamp.

4.  Allow the rubber cement to dry for at least 2 hours (but preferably longer) before switching and doing the other side.  Please note: a good seal is important to the proper functioning of the cups.

Feel free to email us with any other questions!