To our customers whose orders are currently past due...

First, I would like to apologize for our lack of communication. For most of this year we have been very busy and I would like to express my gratitude and appreciation to all of our customers. You have helped us through some difficult times and made the dream of starting our own business a reality. This year we have been more successful than I imagined we would be, and unfortunately the increased time required to fulfill orders has taken away a great deal of time from answering emails and instant messages. In this regard I have not lived up to my own expectations for how a business should treat its customers. While I have felt that completing orders should take priority over responding to messages, I admit that I have not always made the correct decision in this regard.

While this level of success has helped my family and I a great deal and is a very positive thing for us, about 3 months ago my father passed away suddenly. I am his only child and am required to settle his estate. This has required a massive amount of work and while my extended family has been helping a lot, I have still not completed this process. We hope to have this mostly settled (as far as time required by me) within the next month or two. As you can probably imagine, because of this, I have had even less time to complete orders and respond to messages.

Compounding this issue even further - about two months ago our domain registration account was compromised. We do not know the root cause of this. However, out of caution we have changed all of our important passwords and wiped both of our computers. We have also enabled 2-factor authentication on all of our accounts. I wanted to take this opportunity to explain that there is no evidence of any of our other accounts being compromised - and that includes anything involving customer data. Our domain registration account was only used for registering the domain and DNS settings. The incident resulted in our URL being redirected to a malicious IP address. While I corrected this within 12 hours, we were still flagged and black-listed by many service providers. While we have been cleared by most, we still receive messages from customers periodically that they received warnings when visiting our site. We have also been having issues with Google filtering out messages (both to and from us) seemingly at random. Someone has registered several account names similar but not identical to ours, so I suspect one or more of those accounts was also involved with the DNS incident. While we do not want to change our email address [and certainly not our domain name]...this may eventually be necessary. We are doing our best to work around this issue, but I wanted to apologize to those who have had trouble reaching us - or to whom our messages have been blocked. To reach us I recommend using the site contact form, as that appears to go through all of the time as far as I am aware.

Because of these issues we are behind on orders. While the amount we are behind has fluctuated over the last few months, we are currently 2-4 weeks behind. (Not everyone will read this letter at the same time, but this range has been accurate over the last month or so I believe.) I want to assure everyone that your orders have not been forgotten or lost and that your data has not been compromised. We are simply in a difficult situation and doing our best to work through it. I wanted to address everyone in this format because I wanted to give a more complete summary and explanation than I can afford to do on an individual basis. I also do not want to risk our account getting flagged again for sending the same message to many people in a short time.

Again I would like to apologize for the lack of updates and communication. We have been fulfilling orders as fast as we can at the expense of this communication, but that does not make it right. Over the next few days I will post this letter to our website and social media. I will also respond to emails as time permits to try and get the word out.

I apologize for the length of this letter, but could not think of a better way to give everyone a good understanding of our situation. Katie and I appreciate your understanding and support during this difficult time. While we still have some challenges to overcome, we hope to resolve our issues soon and catch up on orders. Regards,