Mini Cubes


Mini Cubes


The mini cubes are our first speaker that takes the knowledge and experience we've gained from modding headphones and applies it to speaker building.  They are some of the smallest speakers out there that sound a lot bigger than they look!  Please note that these are passive speakers and require an amplifier.

Current lead time is 9 weeks.

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UPDATE 12/25/17: After receiving several questions about them, we would like to clarify a few things about the mini cubes.  They were originally designed to be used on a small desk that is against a wall - making a rear port or larger displacement impractical.  Their design makes them ideal for this purpose, but there are also trade-offs.  This is why we recommend using a subwoofer if bass extension is a priority.  It is also recommended that they are either angled towards your ears, or placed at ear level.  They are also not very sensitive, and while the DTA-1 can power them on a desk , a more powerful amplifier is recommended especially if you are planning on using them in a living room environment.

The Mini Cubes are super-compact and feature a mid-centric sound signature.  They were designed out of a desire to get the best sound possible in a footprint small enough to fit on a cramped desk or TV stand.  Unlike many small speakers, they are sealed, which makes their placement as flexible as possible.   They have been structurally reinforced, and dampened both acoustically and mechanically inside.  The cabinet is finished with linseed oil to protect the wood while providing a natural look.  While their extension is impressive for their size, a sub-woofer is required to get the most out of them - especially in a home theater environment.  A crossover point of 100Hz is recommended, but can vary based on your own setup.  However, their small size makes them easy to fit on your desk where a sub-woofer is not required.


Size: 5inx5inx5in

Weight: just under 2lb each

Cabinet material: laser cut birch plywood

Driver: 3 inch aluminum cone full range

Power handling: 20W RMS

8 Ohm Impedance



Please note: Because of the shipping weight and size international shipping is very expensive.  Roughly $50 to most countries in Europe or $35 to Canada.  The price as is includes US shipping.


Special thanks to Ben for inspiration and motivation, and Jacob for having faith in them.