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Argons are now only being made as a modding service where customers provide their own Mk2 headphones.  Stock of pre-made Argons is sold out.  Cost of service includes return shipping in CONUS.  Buyer will need to ship their Mk2 T50, T40, or T20s or Massdrop TX0-RP headphones to us at their expense.  Additional shipping charges apply for international orders.  Pads are again optional at an additional cost.  Cases are no longer being offered as an option.

UPDATE:  We will now offer Argon mods based on the Massdrop TX0-RP at a reduced cost.  Please select "Massdrop + stock" or "Massdrop + ZMF" with the pad selection drop down.  Please note: the cost is reduced because of the strap included with the TX0-RP.  If you would like a deerskin or alcantara strap with your modded TX0-RP please choose the regular Argon option and leave us a note at checkout.  Thank you!

Argon is our first fully modified headphone.  It has been created specifically to provide the sound of an open-back headphone with the isolation of a closed-back.  It features the classic T50RP chassis and driver - which has been hand tuned to our specifications.

Based on user feedback, only ZMF pads will now be offered.  The stock pad option will remain for everyone who already has suitable pads.  A V-moda cable may be ordered for an additional cost.  The default color will be black, but may vary based on availability or special request.

Lead time is currently 9 weeks.

V-moda cable:
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Update 10/30/18: We are proud to now offer a custom balanced cable by Periapt! Please visit the page below! Please note: the balanced option for the headphones is the additional cost of replacing the stock jack with a new 3.5mm TRRS jack and rewiring the headphones. A balanced cable is not included. PLEASE NOTE: The balanced mod is designed to allow the headphones to be used with a single ended amp with a regular 3.5mm cable [like the stock or vmoda cables] - OR - a balanced amp with a custom balanced cable such as the Periapt cables. If you would prefer to make your own cable, the pin out from tip to base is L+ > R+ > L- > R-.


Argon is our first fully-modified headphone.  It is the result of dozens of experiments to find a way to create the most open-sounding closed headphone possible at an affordable price.  It represents the most we could get out of the classic 2nd generation Fostex T50RP and will only be available while stock of the T50RP Mark 2 is still available.


  • The classic Fostex ortho-dynamic driver and cups have been tuned to our specifications to provide modestly elevated bass, neutral mid-range, and smooth treble. Special attention has been paid to creating a large, natural sound-stage and avoiding any of the coloration common in other closed-back headphones.

  • A hand-stitched deerskin suede comfort strap greatly improves comfort by distributing weight across your head without creating hot spots.

  • Ear-side baffle damping provides cleaner sound regardless of pads used.

  • Use the pads of your choice! ZMF pads are highly recommended, or order with stock pads to use your own. Of the ZMF pads, protein leather are the brightest, cowhide the darkest, and lambskin the most balanced.

  • Brushed-metal vinyl covers the stock cups to provide a sleek look.

  • 3D printed badges placed under vents provide a unique way of identifying your headphones, but may also be left off if you prefer (please leave note in order form).

  • A V-moda cable may be ordered at an additional cost.



Q: What all is included with Argon?

A: The headphones, leather comfort strap, ear-side damping pads, stock T50RP pads, stock T50RP cable, and the accessories of your choice.  If a pad upgrade is ordered the upgraded pads will be installed.  If the Massdrop TX0-RP option is chosen, the leather comfort strap will not be included as it already has a leather strap installed.

Q: Does Argon require an amplifier?

A: While an amplifier is not strictly required, it is highly recommended.

Q: How much sound isolation does Argon provide?

A: It provides isolation comparable to most closed-back headphones, but is technically semi-open.

Q: What is the lead time for producing Argon?

A: Current lead time is 9 weeks.

Q: Is there a warranty offered with Argon?

A:  The cost of parts and labor for hardware failure not caused by misuse of the product will be covered for 30 days.  Accidental damage is not covered by this warranty and is determined at our discretion.  After 30 days repairs will be performed at cost.  The buyer is responsible for shipping for warranty repairs.